New Patients Unlimited

“We began using Capacity Management in April 2008 shortly after relocating our practice.  They stepped right in and helped us tweak our marketing card campaign, and as a result, more new patients are being seen each month.  They helped us implement new systems to improve effectiveness in new patient exams, case presentations, scheduling, financial arrangements, recall, collections, internal marketing, and others.  They helped in defining goals for the office as well as clarify each staff member’s duties, responsibilities, and accountability.  Even in this down economy, our office production and collections have steadily increased, something that I am positive would not have happened without their coaching.  I am optimistic we will continue to have increasing success as we continue to work with Capacity Management.”

— L. Andrew Shumway, Jr.

"Greg Jack came to our practice at a time our practice needed staff guidance. His rapport with our team was super and his open door policy was what we needed. His help handling some difficult decisions involving the team was inspirational."

— Dr. Sam

"I went to a seminar in Phoenix, AZ and I had a choice of a personal conference with one of the many noted speakers presenting at this conference. I had meet Mr. Greg Jack of Capacity Management a few years earlier in a blizzard in Chicago, we were both buying winter gear at the Eddie Bower Store and a mutual friend introduced me to him. Getting back to the conference, at this time in my practice career we as a professions were going through the beginning phase of managed health care and the fall out of this challenge had dropped my net income by 65%. I was actually considering leaving the profession and starting a new endeavor. Many of my peers had stopped practicing at this time and some, not just the Chiropractic profession, were starting to send out the pyramid schemes on how to make extra income, not a very good sign. As our short conference continued with Greg Jack began, he assured me that the transition was occurring but it could be withstood and once again we could restore the practice potential. This started a professional affiliation with Capacity Management that started a resurgence of my practice. More important than income, made my practice rewarding and fun again. Over ten years later, I’ve enjoyed practicing the profession I love and get to live TGIM syndrome every week; Thank God It’s Monday."

— Dr. Joseph T. Lane

"In 2002 I used a local consultant to help my practice grow. We implemented some systems but quickly reached a point where she couldn’t help me anymore. I took some time off and found Greg Jack. It is unbelievable that my production and collections are increasing in a down economy. Some of my suppliers are telling me that other dentist are seeing declines in the 15% range and are surprised to hear that I am increasing my practice by the same 15% plus. Based on my experience Greg Jack and his group ares well worth the investment and will take you to a level that no other management company I have seen can do."

— Dr. G. Lunn

"I joined up with Greg Jack in August 2009. What a ride…we have more than doubled our practice! Greg knows more about the business of dentistry and getting new patients than anyone I have ever met!!"

— Dr. Jobst

“How would you like to double your new patient flow…resulting in tripling your production?! Yep, Greg Jack and Capacity Management’s Marketing Program did that for us so quickly we had to expand our facility and our team. More predictable and economical than any other marketing I have done in 30 years of practice. Just do it!”

— Dr. John Buzza

"For the first time I felt a substantive basis to hope for the practice."

— Dr. Garrett