New Patients Unlimited

"Would recommend Capacity to everyone!"

-Dr. Mike - Arizona

"While other dentists are seeing declines in my town, I am growing like crazy.  Based on my experience, Capacity Companies is the best consulting experience I have ever had."

-Dr. George - Colorado

"Capacity Consulting calls it like it is. We cut through the red tape and doubled the practice. Would you like to double your new patient flow....... resulting in tripling your production? Greg Jack and the New Patient Unlimited's team did that for us so quickly we had to expand our facility and our team. More predictable results than any other consulting experience I have had in 30 years of practice. Just do it!"

-Dr. John - California

"What a ride...we have more than doubled our practice! Our consultant knows more about the business of dentistry and getting new patients than anyone I have ever met!!"

-Dr. Karl - Oklahoma

"For the first time, I felt a substantive basis to hope for the practice."

- Dr. Steve - North Carolina

"Our consultant helped me grow my practice to a level I did not think was possible. His knowledge and understanding were key to pushing through the barriers that were preventing us from achieving superstar practice levels.  I cannot give a higher recommendation in the area of practice management."

-Dr. Mike - Florida

"20 years in practice and never knew how to get New Patients. Finally, we have a real Marketing Strategy.  Thanks for helping me invent my practice future."

-Dr. Robert -Las Vegas

"Wow, we doubled my practice in our first year of New Patients Unlimited Consulting. You are the BEST."

-Dr. Davis -Minnesota 

"I highly recommend Greg Jack if you are unsure as to how to grow your practice. It all starts with New Patients."

-Dr. Ted-Missouri 

"Capacity has shown us how to increase our overall production by 34%. The common sense approach to dentistry that he teaches is both easy to learn and implement. The support given by our consultant has been outstanding. Finally a new patient faucet."

-Dr. Corey -Alabama  

"At a time when I felt that my business was failing and I was a failure, Capacity and New Patients Unlimited were there to mentor and guide me out of that and doubled my practice."

-Dr. Jeannet -Arizona

"I wish I had met Greg Jack 10 years earlier. Thanks for teaching me Dental Success."

-Dr. Tom -Chicago

"If you want to double collections, call New Patients Unlimited and double your New Patients through Greg."

-Dr. Jim -California

"We have the worst competitive/challenge ratio in the country. We colored outside the lines and got ahead of the other Dentists. Thank you for all of your help."

-Dr. Chuck -California

"We multiplied the number of new patients and collections on our newly purchased practice. Thanks!"

-Dr. Jeff & Dr. Kim -Idaho 

"New Patients Unlimited is the best!  They helped me grow from a three op practice in which I was struggling into moving into my dream office with 6 ops producing more than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you for taking my practice from deepest despair, and transforming it into something highly successful."

-Dr. Michael -Utah