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The Bitter Truth of Marketing

In my years of consulting highly successful practices, I have yet to find one thriving practice that did not develop, and maintain a strategic marketing system. Working with several thousand dentists, I have learned numerous dental marketing truisms that will annoy most dentists. Listed below are the four most commonly misunderstood marketing truths:

  1. You may have been one of the smartest Doctors in your class; however, without a strategic marketing system you will fail in practice.
  2. You may be highly skilled at delivering dentistry, but without a strategic marketing system you will fail in practice.
  3. You may have an unusually high business acumen; and yet without a strategic marketing system, you will STILL fail in practice.
  4. You could have an endless supply of family money at your disposal and not do a strategic marketing system, and you will only stay in business as long as the family money holds.

Unfortunately, even a Dentist that should not be practicing dentistry may succeed for a long time in any community if they develop and maintain a marketing system.

I personally dislike the truth in the previous statements.

I have encountered highly skilled dentists that were failing, and sketchy dentists that were busy like crazy. I have encountered dentists that had a great practice and did not do marketing except for patient referrals, and over time they became successful. Truth be known, they would have gotten their dream practice years earlier had they embraced strategic marketing.

How We Can Help You

New Patients Unlimited

Our Approach

New Patients Unlimited engages in a proven, three-pronged marketing approach:

Internal Marketing
Marketing efforts that will encourage your existing patients to refer their family and friends to your practice.

External Marketing
Marketing efforts designed to introduce you and your practice to those in your immediate drawing area searching for a dentist.

Internet Marketing
Digital marketing efforts designed to draw new patients to your practice via the internet, website or social media platforms. This includes paid and non-paid marketing strategies.


Our System

We consult our clients case-by-case with the belief that solutions are not always one size fits all. We will collect information about your practice, diagnose potential pitfalls, create a custom game plan with a fluid approach and then continue to collect data from our improving system so you can watch your practice become more profitable month-by-month.

Our program fee is less than the case average for one new patient and our clients are enjoying a minimum of 15 to 1 return on investment.

Marketing is Math

ALL Marketing Answers can be solved with the right equations.

You may think Marketing is as simple as y= 3 * 5. In reality, it's more like y=3*5x and more, "x" isn't even a lone variable; "x" actually means (7(a-b) / 100c) * pi. Now instead of one variable "x", we have at least 3 ("a, b, c") that we need to calculate before we can even solve the marketing equation! In truth, marketing decisions can be easy; but only when you have the correct data.

It's imperative to know HOW to collect the data and calculate those variables so we can plug those into the final equation. This is what we do for you.


Leave it to the Experts

We have a network of highly successful digital, direct mail, graphic design, capacity management and offer orchestrating experts at our fingertips which means they're also at YOUR fingertips.

“In 70 B.C., a consultant named Virgil said ‘Success favors the bold’… In 1980, Greg Jack said “Success favors the marketers.”

Who knew they had consultants in 70 B.C.?

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